Looking forward to 2019, the market demand for high-efficiency solar cell module products will continue to expand, and future technological advancement will remain the theme of industrial development. It is expected that the conversion efficiency of P-type PERC monocrystalline silicon and N-type PERT mono-crystal silicon photovoltaic cells will exceed 22%, and the power output of the mainstream solar panel will reach 310W or more; the ordinary photovoltaic cell technology will gradually be instead by high-efficiency solar cells using PERC technology. Half-chip, tile and other PV module technologies will gradually become the mainstream in the market like the double-sided solar cell technology. It is expected that shipments will be on the order of 10GW in 2019. The production cost of solar panel will also be further reduced to RMB 1 / watt. Driven by technologies and products such as large equipment, PV inverters are expected to approach RMB 0.1/W. Finally, the cost of grid-tie solar power system will be RMB 4/W. The power generation cost in the areas with the most light illumination is expected to be lower than the desulfurization coal-fired benchmark electricity price, thus achieving the parity of the photovoltaic power generation side.