China Blue Solar, incorporated in 2005, has become one of the most professional companies in China to develop and manufacture high quality and well-engineered solar application panels with various shapes and outputs for innovative ideas.
China Blue Solar has the engineering expertise and the production capabilities to manage different solar project integration.
With our engineering know-how and quality-oriented automated production lines, we can make personalized solar modules at consistent reliable quality and affordable cost.
Products we provide – High efficiency OEM Solar Panels
> Mono & Poly solar panels
> Small Sunpower solar panels
> Flexible solar panels
Our solar panels are ideal for powering LED lamps, RVs, boats, marine buoys, mobile phones, PCs, radios, sensors, calculators, switches, controllers, probes, scales, thermometers and other electronic equipment.
China Blue Solar is one of leading manufacturers in environmental stewardship in China, developing innovative yet sustainable solutions, improving the facilities environment and saving energy by creating solar products integrating latest solar energy technology.